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Donnie's Refuse Service

Welcome to the Web home for Donnie's Refuse Service!

Please look around our site, get to know our great services, and see how we can serve you better!

Donnie's Refuse Service is a locally owned and operated business, at work right here in your community!  

Here at Donnie's, "We do it all for you!"  That is more than just a motto that is our belief! This commitment to quality starts before the sun rises.  Our staff is in the shop usually before 4 a.m. starting the day by washing the trucks for that days runs.  Some might say, "Why wash a truck that is just going to get dirty and filled with trash?"  

Again we do it because, "We do it all for you!"  We just believe in taking pride in what we do and in presenting that professional image to the customers.

To enhance that professional image and to keep up with our growing list of customers we have recently expanded the "Donnie's Fleet", here are our newest additions:


When you do business with Donnie's Refuse you are helping support jobs that in turn help to support our local economy.  Donnie's Refuse has been in operation for over 35 years!  

Donnie's is located in the "Heart of Mechanicsville."  

We are a reliable, affordable solution to handle your Refuse Disposal and Recycling Needs. 

Part of our reliability comes from the fact that at Donnie's Refuse Service, Inc., we are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

We handle Residential Garbage pickup, and light hauling, as well as recycling.  We can also help you with your needs with Light Commercial / Small Office Collection.