As we mentioned, 'we do it all for you' because DRS Inc...'cares' 

One reason why they care is, at Donnie' is a 'family affair.' 

See two generations of 'Donnies' here...working for you!

We have three convenient payment options to meet your needs.  

You may mail your payment in to our Office, using our mailing address--(see below) 

You may attach your payment to your can lid on pick-up day.  

You may also call our office at (804) 559-4680 and we accept Visa and Master Card by phone.

Donnie's information 

Donnie's Refuse Service

Other members of the, 'Donnie's Fleet.'

Donnie's Refuse Service is a locally owned and operated business, at work right here in your community!

We love to hear from our customers!  

You can contact us to ask a question

You can also give us some feedback on our service

We are a reliable, affordable solution to handle your Refuse Disposal and Recycling Needs.

 A Family Affair...


Online Bill Pay, check back for details...

Payment options


Getting in touch with us

Donnie's Refuse Service is providing the following Policies for your information.  

By following these guidelines, you help us help you!

Time of Pick-up:

Our Trucks leave at 5:30 a.m. on pick-up days.  While you may have become accustomed to a certain time for pick-up at your house, we ask that you put all Garbage and Recyclables out for pick-up the night before scheduled pick-up.  We may have to alter our pick-up times for construction, traffic or many other unforeseen circumstances.

Holiday Schedule:

At Donnie's we work and pick-up on all Holidays, except Christmas Day.  If Christmas Day falls on a Weekend, then there will be no change in pick-up schedule.

Inclement Weather:

Our Inclement Weather guidelines state that if there is bad weather, we still ask you to put your garbage or recycling out.  Depending on the weather, you may expect same or next day pick-up.  We post information on Channel 8 (WRIC) of any altered schedule.

Prohibited Items:

The following items are prohibited from pick-up:

Oil, which include cooking or motor oil.
Any items deemed Hazardous Waste.
Please contact our Office if you have questions on if your item(s) can be picked up.

Backyard Service:

If you are interested in being a Backyard Service Customer, please note the following:
Pets need to be kept inside on pick-up days for their safety.
If we have to bring the Truck up your driveway to the back yard, please make sure there is ample space for the garbage truck to turn around.  Also please make sure that there are no low hanging branches on the driveway as you approach the backyard.
Even if you are a backyard garbage pick-up customer, recycling pick-up is available at the curbside only.  Please contact us for a site visit to see if backyard pickup is a an option for you.