Prohibited Items:

The following items are prohibited from pick-up:

Plastic bags (recycle those at most grocery stores)


Food or compost material

Paints and paint cans
Oil, which include cooking or motor oil.
Any items deemed Hazardous Waste.
Please contact our Office if you have questions on if your item(s) can be picked up.

Backyard Service:

Remember that if you are a backyard garbage pick-up customer, recycling pick-up is available at the curbside only.  

Donnie's Refuse Service not only provides Residential Garbage pickup but we specialize in Recycling too!

In our Full-Service neighborhoods we offer recycling pick-up every other week.  

Please contact our office to get the start date and pick-up dates for your neighborhood.

Give us a call today to get a free no obligation quote on your recycling service pick-up needs.

There are currently many "Full-Service" neighborhoods; with more being added all the time!  Give us a call and we'll be glad check on yours!

acceptable items

Donnie's recycling services 

We pick up "Mixed recycling", which as a convenience to you means no more standing around sorting, or separate bagging.  Here are some examples of the recyclables that we collect:


Mixed paper
Cardboard and cardboard boxes
Phone Books
Cereal Boxes


All Colors


Aluminum Cans
Steel Food cans, such as soup and vegetable cans


#1 and #2 Plastic Containers

You have the convenience and flexibility of using one our recycling bins, or using your own bin. 


Donnie's Refuse Service

Prohibited items